Relieve Chronic Pain Using Your Mind-Body Connection

Date: November 4, 2021 - December 16, 2021

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

Early Bird Registration Fee: US$495.00

Registration Fee: US$595.00

6-Weekly 90 Minute Live Group Coaching Sessions

Dates: Nov 4, Nov 11, Nov 18, Dec 2, Dec 9, Dec 16

7 PM EDT to 8:30 PM EDT

Early Bird Registration Ends on Monday September 24, 2021

Have you been dealing with chronic pain for most of your life? Did you know that in order to experience long lasting healing from your physical pain, science has proven that we also need to release negative emotions?

You will uncover the extent to which old, uncomfortable emotions from previous events continue to impact you physically.

We will use proven mind-body techniques to release these stuck emotions (or triggers) and you will feel reinvigorated, renewed, and pain free.

Ancient Chinese Medicine, now confirmed by modern medicine, has taught us that each area of our body is associated with a specific emotion and belief. When we have a stress headache, we intuitively recognize that we are overwhelmed, anxious, or fearful. But most of us are not taught to ask ourselves how our back pain is amplified by feeling emotionally and financially unsupported.

According to studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health, emotions are integral to the assessment and treatment of persistent pain, and the treatment process includes a combination of releasing and expressing negative emotions.

Program Benefits:

  • You will experience holistic, long-term healing from your chronic pain
  • Introduction to the Mind-Body Connection that contributes to your physical pain
  • Live coaching sessions using proven mind-body healing techniques to uncover and release old beliefs and stuck emotion that contribute to chronic physical pain
  • Special Guest will focus on the physical aspects of pain that helps her clients eradicate chronic pain and return to living a fulfilling and active life
  • Limited to an intimate group of only 10 individuals to maximize your experience
  • All sessions will be recorded in the event you need to miss any of them

Weekly Overview:

Week 1: Introduce the Mind-Body connection and how it relates to your specific physical pain

  • Understand the connection that links our emotional and physical pain
  • Learn the language of the subconscious and how it impacts every aspect of your life
  • Uncover the emotions underlying your specific areas of physical pain

Week 2: Learn how physical imbalances are an indication of related Emotional Imbalances

  • Understand how disempowering experiences lead to emotional imbalances, and when left unresolved, turns into physical dis-ease
  • Learn the role your fragmented (emotionally triggered) selves play in your emotional and physical well-being
  • Commence proven, mind-body healing technique sessions to release emotional wounds and physical pain

Week 3: Discover how much your Old Stories contribute to your stuck emotions

  • Understand how your old stories may be keeping you from greater physical and emotional well-being
  • Learn how to gently release the hold of these stories without judging yourself
  • Continue with proven, mind-body healing technique sessions to release emotional wounds and physical pain

Week 4: Delve deeper into your subconscious and learn about Self-Identity and Self-Expression as it relates to physical pain

  • Chronic pain becomes a part of who we are and the messages we tell ourselves and others
  • Understand the importance of releasing old paradigms
  • Continue with proven, mind-body healing technique sessions to release emotional wounds and physical pain

Week 5: Special Guest will share techniques on:

  • How to correct misalignment that causes chronic pain
  • Non-invasive methods to reduce arthritis discomfort
  • Corrective exercises to relieve, reduce, and re-create mobility in your knee joint

Week 6: Integrate longer term effects of healing sessions and knowledge gained about the mind-body connection and your chronic pain

  • Experience the cumulative effects of the healing sessions in other areas of your life
  • Create and utilize proven and highly effective affirmations for ongoing healing
  • Graduate to the next level in your personal healing journey!