Success or Failure? Your Brain has Already Decided!

When it comes to success, the ONLY variable that matters is you. Yes I know it sounds cliched, but if you really understood the power of this statement, everything that you have been hoping, praying and wishing for will show up.

I’ve spent this summer talking to groups big and large about the power of your subconscious and I’ve explained that through research, scientists have discovered that your sub (below) conscious (thinking) mind makes decisions up to a full seven seconds before your conscious mind has an opportunity to even think about the situation. In other words, you made up your mind even before you knew that it was made up!

The very first thought that you have about the person you just met, the prospect you are talking to, or the next big project or promotion you are contemplating does not comes from a place of logic or analysis, and instead is driven almost entirely by your subconscious emotion.

Take a moment right now and think about something you want that is important to you. Ask yourself this question, if I am truly honest with myself, how much of my thinking is focused on feeling the lack of what I want? What percentage of the time are you focused on the small, fearful voice that says you might not get there? Is it ten percent? Or closer to 40% or higher? This persistent naysaying voice reminds us why once again we cannot have what we want.

When I ask this question, many people explain how confident they are and how good they feel when they think about their goals. However, when I ask my follow-up question as to whether they see concrete results in the direction of their goals, their response is almost always less positive.

I explain that the proof is in the pudding, and if you are not making the kind of progress you want, it’s because these inner voices are subtly stealing your energy and drive. These beliefs act as powerful brakes – they are working whether you see them, believe in them, or plain ignore them.

Now for the moment of truth – is it your time to stop waiting and start achieving? If yes, let’s schedule a complementary, no obligation conversation where we will go through step 1 (uncovering your most influential yeah-buts) of my 3 step process to Financial Transformation.

Author: Naheed
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