Are You Ready To Step Into A Bigger Life?

Is something holding you back from personal fulfillment or professional success?

Do you want more out of life but feel stuck, blocked, or overwhelmed and don’t know how to move forward?

The culprit is deep rooted and mostly subconscious limiting beliefs we pick up during our life experiences that make us feel less than, inadequate, or unworthy in some way. As we navigate life, these old beliefs continue to influence our behavior, and if you dig under the surface, you will uncover patterns of experiences that resembles a spider’s web. For example, a conflicting adolescent relationship with a parent can be re-experienced through your spouse, kids, or even professional colleagues.

It’s these patterns and our self-defeating internal mental chatter about them that rob us of our success, mental well-being, and personal joy and fulfillment.

As a certified EFT (tapping) practitioner and life coach, we work together to uncover these patterns which will allow you to:

  • Release limiting beliefs to achieve your personal and professional goals
  • Uncover and resolve suppressed emotions that turn inward and manifest as chronic pain
  • Create a mindset to overcome challenges and rewrite your story from stress to success
  • Move forward with confidence and purpose
  • Live a more satisfying and financially successful life
  • Learn to trust your inner guidance
  • Respond rather than react to life’s daily stressors

To coach you into achieving greater personal and professional success, I use EFT or “tapping” and other holistic mind-body healing modalities to uncover and release old patterns of beliefs and behaviors that may unconsciously hold you back. You will learn how to develop the mindset for greater financial success and live a life filled with joy, freedom and authenticity.

If life is a journey, I can help you enjoy the ride. Contact me for a no obligation, complimentary consultation.

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Group Coaching

Have you attended sales trainings and still feel like you've hit an upper limit in your growth? Do you feel uncomfortable following-up with prospects because you may scare them off?...


Date: April 2, 2024 - May 7, 2024

Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm EST

Early Bird Registration Fee: US$ 995

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Join Naheed Oberfeld as she shows you how to relive chronic pain through EFT/Tapping. Are you suffering from painful chronic conditions such as frequent migraines, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome?...


Date: November 17, 2021 - November 17, 2021

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: FREE Zoom Live Workshop

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Rotary International Prudential LAHSP Career Network Ministry

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