We may not have met (yet), and I may not know exactly what prompted you to land on this site, but if you are like many of the clients I talk to and coach, you want to experience more. A more fulfilling profession, more recognition, and more joy and well-being. In short you want to step into your FULL potential. Do you have ambitious plans for your professional success? Are you looking to grow your business or take on high profile leadership positions in the corporate world? As a career coach I assist managers, sales teams, and business owners who are dedicated, hard-working and rising up the ranks, accomplish their professional and personal goals.

Are you stressed and overwhelmed by your desire to get ahead professionally, meet the demands of running a team, and balance your personal life? Unfortunately, we’re taught to work EVEN harder to get everything done. This creates a cycle of frustration, blame, guilt or even doubt in our ability to “do it all.”

Relief is around the corner! It starts with the understanding that success is an inside out job. Whether you are in sales and want to exceed your goals or you are in management and looking for more visibility, the key is unlocking your inner confidence and passion. Both of which need nurturing and attention because they get eroded due to competing demands and past disempowering experiences.

My career coaching program will take you from Stress to Success. You’ll learn how to create opportunities that fit with your career desires, including being hired for the next level position. Team dynamics become easier to manage once you have the right tools. In addition, we will work on any lingering confidence issues to help you pass professional certification tests you’ve been putting off. The right clients who value what you offer will show up at your door step. Equally importantly, you’ll feel lighter, as though a burden has been lifted from you, more confident, in control of your future.

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