“I cannot explain how this works, but working with Naheed I’ve seen the results from EFT.”

– Jesse Rivas (Financial Advisor)

Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or “tapping,” is a modality that was created using modern psychotherapy principles and ancient Chinese acupressure teaching.The philosophy behind EFT is that you have energy lines known as meridians that run through your body. These energy meridians give life and animate your body and contribute to your overall mental and physical well-being. However, as you grew up, you experienced various events and circumstances that you perceived as negative emotions, such as feeling threatened, less than, or helpless.

Each time you encountered these experiences, you develop a disempowering belief that corresponds with these events.These disempowering beliefs, in turn, impacted your energy meridians. Similar to pebbles that disrupt the flow of water, your negative beliefs started to block the flow of energy in your body. And overtime you identified so strongly with these (limiting) beliefs that you created behavior patterns that subconsciously influence everything you do.

In addition, these behavior patterns also impacts your beliefs related to success which influences, for example, what you think you can accomplish, how much money you deserve, and whether you attract empowering or disempowering circumstances in your life.

“I see EFT as a set of technologies that allows people to...let the true magnificence of who they really are to come forward and express itself again.” - Jack Canfield

In short, these behavior patterns can either propel you forward, or stand in your way because a part of you does not believe that you are worthy of accomplishing more, which means you will energetically attract only what you inner belief says you deserve!

EFT, or “tapping” is designed to uncover these deeply subconscious beliefs and release these energy blocks that were created from previous events. By “tapping” on the various acupressure points, you will spontaneously recall events that contributed to a particular disempowering belief. As we continue to “tap,” you will release negative emotions and instead feel confident, hopeful, and in control.

Once you begin to release old limiting beliefs, through the Law of Attraction, you will invite situations and circumstances that bring greater success and prosperity. For example, through synchronicity, you may meet the right person, get connected with the perfect
resources, or attract your ideal clients. However, exponential growth and financial freedom is only possible through the use of a technique, like EFT, to first uncover and then release old beliefs that are limiting your potential.

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