“Naheed really gets me in a way others never have. I highly recommend her program!”

– Karen Long (Photographer)

My name is Naheed Oberfeld. My journey to becoming a Success Strategist was neither straight, nor without a few knocks.

I’ve experienced my fair share of frustrations and disappointments as I navigated my life’s journey that started with a degree in Psychology, which led, surprisingly, to an MBA and a career in finance.

As I moved up the corporate ladder working for the NASDAQ Stock Market and Ernst & Young, I recognized that even though I desired the promise of a more fulfilling and balanced life, again and again I found myself stuck. Sometimes I realized what was happening, but more often than not I felt paralyzed and anxious without understanding why.

That’s when I realized that my path was blocked by one major obstacle: RESISTANCE.

In 2009 I decided to make a bold move and quit my corporate job to find myself – at the height of the financial crisis! While the timing was less than ideal, I recognized that if I did not make drastic changes to my life, my stress and dissatisfaction would lead to an emotional or physical breakdown. Or worse yet, possibly both.

Through synchronicity, or what I call the Law of Attraction, I was introduced to a mind-body technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping), which was popularized by Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins.

After seeing the tremendous transformational power of EFT firsthand, I knew that I had to quit my steady, well-paying finance career. Instead, I became a certified EFT Success Strategist so that I could teach others how to drop their baggage and step into greater success and joy.

And that is my message for you. If you are on this path looking for greater success and well-being, the answer may be as simple are discovering what’s in your mindset.

In joy and success,


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