Increase Sales Performance: Learn Mindset Critical for Sales Success

Date: April 2, 2024 - May 7, 2024

Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm EST

Early Bird Registration Fee: US$995

Registration Fee: US$1200

Have you attended sales trainings and still feel like you’ve hit an upper limit in your growth?

Do you feel uncomfortable following-up with prospects because you may scare them off?

Do you have an inner drive to accomplish more but don’t know how to let go of the negative self-talk?

These obstacles are acting as an emotional stranglehold and keeping you from stepping into your full potential. Let’s replace fear with confidence, doubt with joyful expectation, and scarcity with earning more money!


The biggest challenges you may be facing are:

  • Failing to following up with prospects
  • Difficulty converting prospects into clients
  • Experiencing lengthy cycle to close business
  • Unable to attract high value clients and grow at your desired pace


The Problem?

It’s because of the stories we tell ourselves about money.

Our old, and often subconscious beliefs around money keep us stuck in fear, doubt, and anxiety. These limiting beliefs impact what we attract in our lives. Your mindset is intimately linked to business success or disappointment.

Even though we know this intellectually, no one taught us how to identify and release these limiting beliefs so that we can experience the success and joy we know is inside of us.


The Solution:

Learn a proven system to release your inner objections (limiting beliefs) that are triggered when you market yourself, talk to a prospect, or make a sale. The program will focus on the following weekly themes and includes worksheets and exercises.

  • Release resistance around action steps by stepping into a more confident mindset
  • Clear limiting beliefs related to failure and disappointment
  • Uncover and release your hidden “unwritten rule” that says you cannot have/be/or do more
  • Uncover your subconscious money “set-point” that confines your prices to a narrow range and blocks high net-worth clients
  • Create your personalized goal-oriented focus statements
  • Understand the keys to manifesting and how to use the Law of Attraction

My Guarantee:

  • You will learn the source (limiting belief) of your most challenging obstacle and how it is impacting your success.
  • Through a variety of tools including EFT/Tapping and Theo’s Soul Integration, you will release old fears and doubts that have kept you from realizing your dreams.
  • You will transform your feeling of stress to value and worthiness, which will lead to greater business opportunities and confidence.

Join me for my 6-Week 90 Minute Online Live Group Coaching Sessions

DATES: Weekly from Tuesday April 2nd through Tuesday May 7th

TIME: 2 PM ET to 3:30 PM ET USA

Client Testimonials:

“Naheed Oberfeld has been nothing short of a revelation for my personal and professional growth. Her intuitive approach to EFT therapy created a trustful and comforting environment, making it incredibly easy to share and progress.

Her expertise in EFT is remarkable, turning my challenges into opportunities for success. If I could, I’d give Naheed a million stars for the profound impact she’s had on my life. Thank you, Naheed, for the clarity and progress that have truly exceeded my expectations.Ann B.


“I realize that for a while now I was turning my wheels but not getting further along financially in my business.  Naheed helped me realize self-defeating and sabotaging actions that I had been unknowingly practicing that were preventing me from taking my business to the next level of financial success. My sales this 4th quarter were the best I’ve ever had. Working with Naheed and her program has entirely changed the way I do business and the way I live! — Maria P.


Naheed takes the “mystery” out of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) by providing a logical framework and structure. She is exceptionally skilled and very insightful. I highly recommend her services without any reservation to my patients and clients for over one year now.  Recently I personally benefited from taking her 6 Weeks to A Thriving Business Coaching session. I was amazed by how in such a short time we were able to uncover and release limiting beliefs that were impacting my full potential. Naheed is top rate at her profession. If you or your patients/ clients are ready for breakthrough reach out to Naheed.–Dr. Sylvia B.