“Working with Naheed,
I realized that it is all out there
for me. I just have to stand
aside and let it come.”

– Patricia Ebrahimi (Home Stager)

Do you know that the single most important action you can take to be successful at ANY goal is to regularly visualize what it would feel like to accomplish it?

Psychologist Barbara Nussbaum specializes in the emotional and psychological implications of money. She states that when we immerse ourselves in a multisensory manner (vision boards, meditations, etc.), “we become more emotionally connected to our wished-for [financial] goals.” This is important because “emotions are the glue that connects us to what’s most important in our lives.”

The truth is, we spend too much time doubting ourselves. This is why my free monthly live webinars are so powerful. They are designed to train your subconscious to say yes to SUCCESS.

These webinars are created to take you on an inner journey where you paint the picture of your dream life. Your visualization will help you see, taste, touch, and smell your deepest desires. Great athletes from Tiger Woods to Michael Phelps credit their accomplishments to among other things, training their subconscious by imagining greater and greater success.

“You are more productive by doing 15 minutes of visualization than from 16 hours of hard labor.” - Abraham Hicks



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