30 Day Business Transformation Challenge

Are you tired of your income rut? Having difficulty attracting more clients who are willing, eager and ready to work with you?

Join me, Success Strategist, Naheed Oberfeld, for this 30 day challenge where we will dive deep into your inner beliefs that keep you stuck. Every week I will post one or two videos where we will uncover what is holding you back from creating a successful business.

Unless you look at these inner beliefs, you will have trouble creating a sustainable business that gives you the life style you desire! Make sure you have signed up for my newsletter at to get notified of my next video AND there is also an opportunity to win a complementary 60 minute Money Map session with me. (This is only available to my 1 Day VIP Intensive clients…so don’t miss out on this oppportunity.)

We will look at the 5 major categories of money (income, income goals, savings, debt, and toxic money) and uncover the hidden beliefs that are responsible for your financial picture. This is a powerful session that brings immense clarity and shows you the way out of your stress and struggle!

Our first day of transformation starts on Monday September 5th. We start strong with our limiting beliefs in attracting our prospects.

I wish you a prosperous transformation!

Feel free to share this with anyone who could benefit from the 30 day Business Transformation challenge.

Author: Naheed
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