30 Day Challenge: Super Charge Your Confidence

We are on to video three in our four part tapping training series.

In this video we address a really crucial part of what makes or breaks your success: CONFIDENCE!

Inspired entrepreneur and leader Marcus Garvey Jr. stated “With Confidence You Have Won Before You Started.” However, many of my clients privately disclose that they feel a lack of confidence in their abilities to create a thriving business. There is an inner belief that says I will only be successful when… (I do, have, or be something).

This inner belief creates an expectation of not succeeding that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy! Test it out for yourself. Think about the last consultation you had with a prospect. What was the inner thought that came up when you talked about pricing and working with you? Was a part of you expecting a no? Did you feel that you had to really convince your prospect to utilize your services or buy your products?

If that sounds like you, this video is absolutely indispensable in uncovering those pesky sabotaging beliefs and finally clearing them so that you operate from the expectation that everything you need comes to you because you believe in yourself.

Author: Naheed
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