Allow Your VISION to Propel You Forward

It’s almost 2018 and all of us are focusing on what the new year will bring. By now we understand that how we position ourselves today will determine the rewards we reap tomorrow. With that in mind, whether you call them New Year’s goals, resolutions, or strategic planning, each of us has certain things we want to accomplish, right?

I would like to suggest a completely different (dare I say stress free!) way of approaching it. Instead of immediately delving into your goals and focusing on the doing, FIRST spend time visualizing the bigger picture of what you desire and how it will impact your life.

Too many of us skip this important step, but effective business and life coaches understand the importance of uncovering your big WHY. It is important to understand that we do not give up because of a lack of discipline, time, or money. Rather it is because we have not created a compelling enough VISION to follow.

Think about it this way; when did you give up on something you really wanted? Not too often, right? You probably spent months, and maybe even years imagining yourself accomplishing your vision. Which is why you will move mountains to accomplish a powerful vision and all too easily give up on goals that feel like “work.”

So, what’s your big, audacious, maybe even arrogant vision for 2018?

Author: Naheed
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