The Secret to Moving FORWARD with your Vision

It’s hard to believe, but we are already at the end of January and unfortunately, this tends to be the time when many of us start slipping on our good intentions to make 2018 our best year.

Last month I explained that it is important to create a compelling vision to help guide you through the new year. Today I want to share an important secret on making it through the February slump.

The key in every single situation (whether it is a weight loss goal or a professional one) is asking yourself a very simple, but powerful question. What is the downside of NOT achieving this goal? Another way of looking at it is asking what is the benefit of staying stuck? None, you say? Think again.

I had a client, Jennifer, who procrastinated when it came to making phone calls to identify new prospects. In her words, she was more focused on the minutiae instead of taking care of the important tasks and she did not know what to do about it.

As we “tapped,” we uncovered a previous incident with a long-time client that did not result in her getting the additional business she was expecting. The situation upset her and she developed the belief that making “cold” calls without knowing the prospect’s needs ahead of time was pointless. As a result, her subconscious diverted and distracted her each time she tried…which she felt as frustration and anger towards herself!

After we uncovered the root cause of her behavior and Jennifer released her sabotaging belief, she no longer experienced any downside to making the calls. Now her inner belief and her goals were in complete alignment which meant she did not feel the urge to procrastinate.

Take a moment and identify the downsides that are holding back your vision.

Author: Naheed
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