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Understanding the Language of Chronic Pain

I’d like to share a story about Mary who suffers from chronic pain and her experience with EFT (“Tapping”).

Mary was living a full life and was looking forward to completing her PhD program. Out of the blue she started to develop intense back pain and had to drop out of her program.

During my Stop the Cycle of Chronic Pain workshop, we did a short 15-minute “tapping” demonstration and for the first time Mary’s pain level went from an eight (out of ten) to a three!

What’s the secret?

Understanding the language of pain!

Every area of pain in Mary’s body revealed something important about the emotions she was holding on to. Back pain can indicate a feeling of being unsupported both emotionally and financially.

I asked Mary if that felt true for her, and she shared her story.

The language of pain is emotion, which allowed us to uncover the connection to her past. Using the right tools made all the difference in helping Mary release these emotions.

Author: Naheed
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