A Fun Twist That Will Make Your Financial Visioning More Effective

Lets face it, everyone has at least one money related goal. Maybe we want to make more of it, or perhaps the problem is that we are not saving enough. Regardless of the goal, we each feel that we are really, really motivated to meet it.

Those who believe in positive affirmations may have financial goal plastered all over their house on post-it notes. Others simply think about that goal endlessly. The seemingly illogical truth of it is that most of us are really not motivated to simply make money. By that I mean, we do not want money to amass it. We are however, interested in making money because of what it means to us…more financial freedom so that we can live the big dreams we have for ourselves.

Money in and of itself holds very little intrinsic value to us, but once we start talking about what we want from that money we light up and our dreams come alive. So create something (for me it as small as a few magazine ads on my wall) that your heart desires and that you will accomplish by meeting your financial goals.

This allows us to tack on our good feelings and positive expectations on receiving money which, according to Abraham Hicks and others, is the most important ingredient to your successful creations. Abraham states that holding unadulterated positive feelings towards your creation for only 7 seconds starts the energetic process. Go ahead, find what makes your heart sing for joy. Post it somewhere prominent and notice the quality of your energy when you gaze on something you love instead of focusing on disempowering money failures. By doing so you will draw your goals closer to you.

Author: Naheed
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