Use Your Emotions To Power Your 2016 Money Goals

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What do I need to know?
As we start the new year, almost all of us have financial goals that we want to meet. We start the year with great enthusiasm and excitement, but what happens when we experience episodes of feeling low when we think about making more money. Does it feel uncomfortable? Do you immediately try to distract yourself from feeling down? What we don’t realize is there is beauty in even these darker emotions and we can use these feelings to guide us to the underlying fears and doubts (expressed as beliefs) inside of us, which is holding us back from powerfully stepping into our goals.

Let me explain. Emotions express the dominant belief that is operating in us in this very moment. For example, if you are watching a beautiful sunset which fills you with contentment, the dominant belief in you is something similar to the thought that ‘all is well right now,’ or ‘I feel safe and supported.’ On the other hand, if focusing on your bank account makes you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and worried, you are expressing a belief of lack and scarcity, whether your recognize it or not.

How can I apply it in my life?
When you feel stressed and overwhelmed by money concerns, instead of pushing those thoughts aside, ask yourself what are the emotions I am feeling? Stress and overwhelm are mental, not emotional states. Once you are clear on the emotion, such as fear, the next question to ask is what specifically about this situation is causing me to feel this emotion. If we feel stressed about money, a common fear we have is our circumstances might never improve, or that we don’t know how to improve them.

Lets tap on it!
Using your emotions, you have now identified the underlying cause of your stress, which is the first step towards clearing your money paradigm (emotions, beliefs, and actions) . If even a small part of you does not believe your money conditions will improve, you will find ways to keep yourself stuck in status quo, which will leave you feeling frustrated, disappointed, and even more convinced that all is lost.

A powerful way to release this block is to “tap” or use ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ or EFT. Be specific about the fears; contrary to what most people believe, acknowledging and facing our fears is more impactful than suppressing them and in the process of tapping, you will find that your fears will eventually turn to more positive and optimistic thoughts.

Author: Naheed
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