What’s Your OLD Story?

I have a quick question for you.

Stop for a second and ask yourself, what old story do you keep repeating to yourself over and over? Maybe you’re the victim in your story, or perhaps the victor.

Have you ever stopped to consider the message in that story and how it’s impacting your subconscious?

A really common theme that I’ve encountered over the last few months is the idea that my accomplishments are only worth being proud of because I’ve struggled, or worked hard to overcome obstacles. Clients ranging from their 30s to 80s feel strongly about this, and it all starts with an inner Story they have created which now dominates their outer reality!

What we don’t realize is that life is a giant mirror that always faithfully shows you exactly how you feel. The more your identity, sense of pride and even worthiness is tied to the need to work hard at it, the more you will create situations and circumstances that conform to your inner desires.

You may want to have abundance flow in easily, but as long as you have a conflicting “fantasy” that your success has to be hard won, you unconsciously create more roadblocks in your life.

Now comes the really important question. Are you ready to let go of the need to struggle and work hard?

If the answer is yes, start by asking yourself, what is the down-side of letting go of my old story? Another way to think about it is what is the benefit of staying stuck? We always tell ourselves I don’t want to be stuck, I’m ready to move forward, but as long as you have a part of your identity wrapped up in being either the victim or the victor, you will have a hard time moving forward.

Author: Naheed
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