Are you a CASUALTY of Coaching?

Have you entered into a coaching relationship and felt let down by the results? Were you disappointed that you did not achieve what was promised? I certainly have!

My very first formal coaching experience was when I signed up for a six-month group program for “tapping” practitioners who had just started their business. We signed up with the crazy ideas of becoming wildly successful! All of us ended with exactly the same number of clients we started with – ZERO!

The trick, which every great coach knows, is to first pay attention to what is holding you back from achieving your big goals. Let me explain it this way. Say you really like ice cream, in fact it is your favorite food, and the unanimous opinion of doctors is that ice cream is excellent for you. It bestows health, wealth, longevity…you get the point.

How likely is it that you will eat ice cream at least once a day?

In other words, if there is no inner resistance, i.e. ice cream being bad for your health, you will likely never forget, feel tired, be overwhelmed, or procrastinate when it comes to eating ice cream.

Am I right?

The question to ask ourselves is why then do we have trouble accomplishing something we want? The reason is because there is a small part of you that is not yet in alignment with your bigger goal.

If you don’t pay attention to this crucial first step, you will continue to battle with yourself. As experienced by my client, Zoe, who realized that her idea of what she should do was in conflict with what she wanted to do.

There once was a lady with a degree or two.
So many, and yet she did not know what work to do.
We “tapped” on this,
We “tapped” on that.

And soon discovered the trap.

The passion was missing!

Her inner goals weren’t aligned.

We uncovered the blocks,

And released the fears.

Now with her goals aligned,

And her head held proud.

She launched her new career,

And has never felt freer!

Do you know how to make your next big leap both professionally and personally?

Author: Naheed
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