Where Does Your BRAIN End And Your MIND Begin?

Can we talk brain science for a minute? I promise to keep it simple and to the point.

You already know that our brains are complex and ever changing, but do you know that it is created for maximum efficiency? Take learning for example. When you are a young child, your brain is primed to create the most effective learning environment. One way it does it is through brain wave activity.

During the ages of two and six years old, your brain wave activity predominantly falls into a category called Theta. If you’ve ever visited an hypnotist this is the level they take you to. Why? Because information that is delivered in this state goes straight to your subconscious. When you are in your early years, you observe and learn. You can almost think of this learning as being hard-coded into the brain because of the neural networks that get formed as a result of these experiences. This is all part of the brain.

As a young child experiencing life, you begin to develop certain conclusions, and invariably it is goes something like this… if my parents (adults) are happy with me, I am good, loved, or I deserve good things. If they were unhappy with me, I am bad, unloved, and undeserving. The more experiences you have reinforcing these beliefs, the more you’re convinced that life operates in a particular manner. Once these beliefs take shape, we begin to imagine how our lives will look, but usually tightly constrained by these beliefs. And this is where the mind comes in.

Which means the vision you have of your life is dictated by beliefs based on your imagination of how the world operates, all of which was formed prior to the age of seven! If growing up you witnessed stress and struggle in certain areas (health, wealth, or relationships), chances are you will experience it as an adult. If you experienced ease and joy in other areas, it is likely that you will continue that trend.

Understanding this concept is key to breaking through your rut, whether it is performance in a certain area or general behavior patterns. So how do you “fix” it? It starts by using the right tools! One of the reasons that I use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or “tapping”) as a modality is because it has been scientifically proven to change your brain wave activity from stressed to relaxed as we work through anxiety proving incidents from your life.

Author: Naheed
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