Don’t Let Fear Take the Wheel And Steer

The last few months I’ve been speaking to many people about their goals and dreams for the New Year and beyond.

Unsurprisingly, many of the goals are related to their professions – pass industry specific tests, get hired for that reach position, or attract more clients. The common theme for all of them, however, is to feel confident and truly recognize their own value and worth. After all, how much money are you leaving on the table because you lack the confidence to raise your prices or ask for a raise or promotion?

In my talks I’ve discovered an interesting dichotomy. Every single person has experienced a certain level of success. Then something either derailed them or they hit an invisible upper ceiling which they don’t know how to break through.

Many shared stories of struggle and heart-break – some they’ve overcome and others they are still dealing with.

And then we reach the crucial point in my conversation with them.

I ask, are you ready to move forward and shed those old limitations? Initially the answer is always an enthusiastic YES. But as the conversation progresses and they realize they have to commit, be it time, money, and energy, a strong yes turns into a weak no.

The reasons provided are varied…

Not enough money – this is especially heart-breaking because nothing changes until they commit to releasing their limiting beliefs. (My program has helped clients go from contracts averaging $15,000 to $140,000!)

Not enough time – this generally indicates that you’re spending your energy in areas that do not support you. Are you taking on responsibility for EVERYONE else? The sad truth is you will eventually feel it physically.

Uncomfortable emotions – so many of us avoid feelings that are difficult. It sucked feeling them the first time, so why would you want to feel them again? Because the ONLY way to truly be free of them is to stop suppressing them. Otherwise their ugly heads will constantly pop up at the most inconvenient times.

but in truth this is only one culprit…


Change impacts the core of our self-identity. And when that is threatened, it will throw up every obstacle to keep you in the status quo.

What are you holding onto that’s keeping you from your best life? My mentor, Theo, says if not now, when? If not you then who?

Author: Naheed
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