Are You Losing Twice?

I’d like to share a quick story with you. I’m a Toastmaster and earlier this year I entered my club level competition. I did it for fun, but as it turns out, I won. Which meant I had to move on to the next competition level.

But instead of celebrating I was panicking. (Does that sound like you?)

It’s too much work. I wasn’t in the mood. I was in the middle of moving homes.

On and on went the list offered up by my subconscious to play small. The easiest path was to bomb and take myself out of the competition. I was all set to do that when it occurred to me, what kind of Success Strategist and mindset coach would I be if I did that!?!

I would be losing twice, first in my mind and second in real life.

At the last minute I decided on a new path. I told myself…someone has to win, why can’t it be me? A simple, but really powerful way to deflect the limiting thoughts our subconscious throws at us on a regular basis.

My suggestion for you today is to pick one thing that you’d like to increase your confidence in.

Stop| Become aware of your feelings| Redirect your thoughts to something that feels within your reach. This is really important…notice I didn’t go in saying I’m going to win, just that it COULD be me.

If this story rings true for you, feel free to use these tips. Share them with others…people will think you’re brilliant:)

Oh and BTW, would it surprise you learn I won the next TWO competitions?

Author: Naheed
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