It’s All Mine!

When was the last time you stood at the ATM machine with a running list of am I NAUGHTY or NICE in your head? Like Santa Clause, your list would determine whether you were worthy of receiving money. Probably never.

Why? Because you know that it’s YOUR money.

When it comes to your goals, why then do you feel:

  • Selfish
  • Sleazy
  • Lazy
  • Salesy and so much more?

It’s because you weren’t taught the most important part of the manifestation process, which is your life is a reflection of your energy.

Take a moment and reflect on your life; your family, the situations you are facing, and even your health. It is tailored specifically to you. In other words,  your energy (or consciousness) created it. No one else can either take or alter your energy. It belongs uniquely to you.

When you limit yourself on your goals and tell yourself that you aren’t worthy of receiving them based on your criteria, you are taking what is yours (energy) and locking it away from yourself.

I think of it as your bank account that only YOU have the password for, which you hide from yourself and then wonder why you cannot withdraw your cash (goals). Once you recognize that YOUR manifestations are the result of YOUR energy and that only YOU can access it, you will stop limiting yourself.

Why? Because you will recognize that there is no one outside of you to prove your worthiness to. You’re deciding the criteria and judging yourself on your worthiness. In addition, since it only belongs to you, no one else can access your accumulated cash (goals). It just sits there waiting for you.

You don’t do that with the money in your bank account, so why do it with your goals?

Author: Naheed
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