Who Are You Battling?

My absolute favorite subject in the world is math. That may come as a surprise when I tell you that my worst subject is math.

I took so many advanced level classes that my mother finally implored me to switch to a “regular” math class because my other classes were suffering. I hated the idea of doing it, but finally relented. I always felt that I had the wrong brain in my body. And that’s where my battle began!

After college I pursued analytically focused careers, willing myself to excel in an area that I always felt less than. Shockingly, it didn’t work out. The more I tried to be the perfect version of who I wanted to be, the more my work suffered, and the worse I felt.

What’s was going on?!

I had a vision for myself that I couldn’t actualize, which turned into there’s something wrong with me. If I couldn’t be the narrow version of my vision, I wasn’t going to accept myself. If I can’t accept myself, then I don’t deserve receiving good thing, such as an abundant, joyful life. The message I learned was that we are worthy of achieving our dreams only through struggle and hard work.

My reprogramming started with understanding my skills are just as valuable. A client/friend of mine whose opinion I value tremendously recently shared that I have a gift for understanding people and what is really going on with them. I’m learning to treasure that and pay less attention to the fact that I cannot calculate fractions in my head.

Are you struggling with something similar? A few questions to ask yourself are:

  • Where does your reprogramming journey start?
  • What vision about yourself are you struggling to accomplish, be it weight, relationships, or career?
  • And finally, what inauthentic part about your self-image do you need to drop?

If all of this feels too overwhelming, reach out for a complementary conversation.

Author: Naheed
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