My Best & Worst Client…

…is ME!

It’s no surprise that as coaches we first have to learn the lessons that we teach our clients. And some lessons take an awfully long time for us to learn.

I talk a lot about being in “vibrational alignment” with what we want. In simple terms it means, is there a part of us resisting what we want to create? It’s usually a small piece that’s digging his or her heels in and refusing to budge because that part feels safer in the status quo, even if we really want to move forward.
Case in point: a few months back my husband and I upsized from a condo to a house. We planned and talked about a house for years. This year we finally took the plunge. Our new house even had a (seasonal) lake view, something high on my priority list and no easy feat in my landlocked county.

And the strangest thing happened. Instead of jumping up and down for joy I felt…anxious? Apprehensive? Maybe even dread! My friends and family couldn’t understand why I wasn’t more excited, and I couldn’t explain why I felt this way.

After a couple of months I decided it was time to turn my frown upside down. I turned to my trusty EFT/tapping to uncover what was really going on. I quickly realized that I was following the classic trap that Abraham Hicks talks about…

I had not completely stepped into the bigger, more expanded version of what I had become. In other words, my dream felt too big, which translated in me feeling the house was too big, too extravagant.

I was somehow not worthy of it and I felt more embarrassed by the grandness of it then ecstatic that we got what we wanted.

Guess what? That happens. We are human and sometimes we manifest something that feels even bigger than our original desires, which means we energetically (emotionally) withdraw. My message for you today is that it isn’t “bad” to withdraw, but it does not serve you to stay stuck in that place of withdrawal.

What area in your life do you feel you have withdrawn from your creations because it doesn’t feel comfortable?

How much is it impacting you? My guess is it’s more than you think. It certainly was for me.

Author: Naheed
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