Stop FACING Reality, Start CREATING It

Those of you who have been working with me for some time know how strongly I feel about Abraham Hicks and the way they explain reality. If this is your first introduction to Abraham, than hang on to your seats, because you are in for a ride!

It may seem like an alternative reality ride, where you are told up is down, and left is right…but as I tell everyone, listen to what feels true and don’t worry about the rest.

Abraham reminds us that most of the time we look at the current situation in our lives (health, wealth, relationships) and spend all our time focusing on what we observe…we think about it, we talk to others about it, lose sleep over it, and as a result, we inadvertently recreate the same situation over and over again because ALL our attention is focused on IT.

This in turn leads to powerful beliefs about why the situation is the way it is…the economy, the government, our boss or company, which further binds us to our uncomfortable situation because now we believe we don’t have the power to change it.

In this short video, Abraham describes how you can miss something right in front of your nose because of your beliefs. Ask yourself, what beliefs have you been lugging around for years that are keeping you from your big goals.

When people ask what I do to help my clients achieve their BIG financial goals, the answer is always the same: I help you to first identify the inner beliefs that holding you back; I use a very specific technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) to release the beliefs; and finally, we use the Law of Attraction to bring situations and circumstances that are now based on your new, more empowered beliefs.

Exercise on uncovering your beliefs

Are you ready to grow your business but find you are getting in your way?

Do this simple exercise. Close your eyes and imagine that your clients have doubled or tripled in number. With it comes the additional responsibilities of taking care of and managing the business. Keeping your eyes closed and without too much thinking, identify the top three emotions that you feel. It is usually a mixed bag, there maybe some excitement and something else.

For each emotion you identified, write the following statement: I feel ______ because _______

Some examples include:

I feel excited because it means that I finally succeeded;

I feel anxious because I’m afraid that I will drop the ball on something very important which can get me into serious trouble.

The statements should include an emotion (I feel…) and a belief (because…) that is focused only on you.

This powerful exercise will help you uncover the HIDDEN layers that are operating subconsciously. The stronger the belief, the more it will work as a brake and keep you from your big goals.

Author: Naheed
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