What Color is Your Baggage

Many of us have heard of the book What Color is Your Parachute, an enormously successful guide that helps us get what we desire (in this case a new/better job), but how many of us have considered the baggage we are lugging around in our lives.

A conversation with a client inspired me to consider the baggage (limiting beliefs, unsupportive emotions, etc) I have been carrying around. The answer was clear. I have suddenly developed a “perfectionist” attitude towards my business…I have to find the right logo, the perfect picture, and on and on the list went. Worse yet, I find myself holding back on important next steps in my business. The cause of this is no doubt rooted in past events that created this belief that has developed into a coping mechanism. But all this resistance is creating a drag and keeping my parachute from fully unfurling.

My experiment for this week is simple, I have decided that instead of focusing on these perfectionistic thoughts, I am instead going to take action. Each time I feel that something is not good enough, I tap on those feelings and then set myself a target completion date and move forward. This may sound easy, but resistance has a way of thwarting us at every step and some days I need to tap for 15 minutes or more.

So I ask you, what does your baggage look like. Whether it’s a professional goal or a personal aspiration, spend some time today and ask yourself what you are willing to let go of. The more stubbornly we hold on, the more resistance we are creating in our own lives. I invite you to join me in this experiment and find one or two unsupportive beliefs that are holding you back and for this week commit to tap on the emotions and release them and yourself!

Author: Naheed
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