Who Sets the Rules?

Think about your closest family members. I bet you know their rules without even realizing them.

For example, do you immediately take your shoes off before you enter the house? Or do you know to avoid certain subjects?

And what I encounter A LOT: all the rules about what makes us (un)deserving of making more money!

Have you ever tried to question your family member or worse yet, ignore the rule! Probably the first thing you will encounter is excuses as to why you MUST follow the rule.

If you counter with logical or analytical information, you will probably notice some defensiveness and resistance. Push any further and you may be subject to a torrent of rage, tears, or get the silent treatment for days!

What just happened? You unwittingly pierced the bubble of protection and unleashed the full force of the subconscious because you dared to break the rule.

Now imagine that closest family member is YOU! Who is setting your rules? What makes you unleash your subconscious defense mechanisms and argue for the status quo? Even if it no longer serves your highest and best purpose.

Why do we do it? Because no one has taught us how to rewrite the rules and for the adult self to be in control. Reach out if you want to learn more on how to finally take charge!

Author: Naheed
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