Are Limiting Beliefs Shrinking Your World?

We started our lives filled with curiosity. As babies, our innate desire is to explore and learn. We were bold and fearless.

As we grew into adulthood, some of our fearlessness morphed into scary and challenging. We started to “right size” our world based on past disappointments.

Eight years ago I quit a lucrative job to follow an inner prompting that lead me to coaching. I joked that every fear I ever had since kindergarten emerged. Today I see clearly that these fears caused me to shrink my world. However, I didn’t realize it back then.

The simple, but powerful mindset that there is no such thing as failure determines if you live small and play small…in your profession, relationships, health, and ultimately, your fulfillment.

We are living in a time when so many of us are nudged to expand and awaken to our full selves. As I learned during my journey, it takes courage, support, and a process.

If your world is always “right sized” based on your beliefs and attitudes, how big will you allow your world to grow? Feeling inspired to be more? Let’s have a conversation to see how big you can grow.

Author: Naheed
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