Is Inner Resistance Ruining Your Goals?

At some point in our life, all of us have experienced an inner conflict about a desire of ours. It could related to our weight,

The reason why is straightforward. It’s because during our childhood, we were told it’s not appropriate to think, feel, or behave in a particular manner.

In other words, it means we are wrong. Which is very scary to a child.

The conflict arises because as human beings, we are designed to have our own thoughts and desires which nobody (including ourselves!) can fully erase. Instead we suppress or pretend that we don’t have those desires.

These messages from our childhood are so powerful that they carry forward right into our adult years and keep you from having the wealth, health, relationship, or anything else you desire.

As frustrating as it is to experience this inner conflict, it is important to understand that this is a protection mechanism of ours! It is your subconscious’ way of saying remember the time someone important in your life was upset at you for wanting this? I’m just trying to protect you from that!

The next step is using a tool to redirect those emotions from disempowering to confidence and worthiness. I have found EFT/Tapping to be a really effective tool in making those shifts.

Author: Naheed
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