What is Your Most Damaging Setpoint?

When I was young, everyone told me that I was a spitting image of my father (that’s me with my dad and grandmother in the picture). Now that I’m older, I’m more like my mother. I have adopted her mannerisms, her laugh, and even her scowl.

While biology is a big part of it, the bigger contribution is the limits or setpoints we inherent from our parents in the form of health, wealth, and life style.

These setpoints have an important role to play. They insure that we fit in with our tribe. The downside is that to fit in, we need to diminish our brilliance and narrow the gap between how our tribe lives and our dreams and desires.

Don’t believe me? Imagine telling your family that you make double (or triple!) their salary while working half the time they do. No struggle and low stress. How would they react? How comfortable does it feel confronting them in this way?

Master teacher of the Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks reminds us that it feels uncomfortable because we have practiced the old stories with their setpoints for a long time.


Is 2023 the year for you to step into your full potential and release your setpoints?



Author: Naheed
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